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Starbucks Cookie-Butter Bar – Starbucks New Cookie-Butter

You had me at cookie and butter.


Danielle Tullo

Mar 6, 2017

Starbucks is taking their food game v. seriously this year. From the release of Sous Vide Egg Bites (aka the only thing I eat for breakfast) to trying out avocado spread, the coffee chain is proving they’re more than Frappuccinos and Secret Rainbow Drinks.

And there’s more β€” the latest release is so effing good you won’t know how you lived without it. It’s called the Cookie Butter Bar, and I had one this morning and am already thinking about how I want another. In fact, BRB.

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The Cookie Butter Bar was quietly released a few weeks ago and those who’ve noticed it are kind of obsessed. Like Alix here, who experienced quote the “food-gasm” because of it:

So many Cookie Butter Bar feelings.

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What makes it so delicious is its crunchy crust, which resembles pie crust and tastes like gingerbread. The cookie is then topped with crunchy cookie butter, vanilla icing, and crushed Speculoos β€” caramel and cinnamon-flavored cookies. (My local barista said the key to the Cookie Butter Bar is eating it while it’s cold.)

I’m already hoping that the next secret drink is something along the lines of a Cookie Butter Bar Frappuccino. Can someone make that happen? (Sorry, baristas).

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