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PV Donuts Rhode Island – Dunkaroos Doughnuts

This doughnut shop is turning your favorite snacks from the ’90s into doughnuts.


Danielle Tullo

Mar 20, 2017

PV Donut Shop in Providence, Rhode Island, is taking your favorite middle school snacks — like Dunkaroos and Pop-Tarts — and making doughnut masterpieces with them. The shop has an entire ’90s-themed menu featuring your childhood faves. If the snack still exists (like Pop Rocks), PV will use it to make or top off the doughnut. And if any beloved snack is no longer available at grocery stores (like Dunkaroos 💔), they’ll make their own, homemade version to use instead. The shop is even infusing munchkins with Hawaiian Punch (!!). The doughnuts will make you feel so damn nostalgic, and they will also make you feel very, very hungry. Hello, beautiful Dunkaroos doughnuts:

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~The Dunkaroo~ is a brioche doughnut topped with homemade Dunkaroos glaze and cinnamon graham cookie crumb.

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And the rest of the menu is perfection. Just look at these beautiful Cosmic Brownie doughnuts:

IDK how to feel about Pop Rocks doughnuts. My head says no but my ’90s kid at heart says yes.

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And these Wild Berry Pop-Tarts doughnuts make me want to watch Slime Time Live followed by a marathon of the Rugrats, ahh.

I don’t think I’ll ever be over Hawaiian Punch-infused munchkins. It’s all so brilliant.

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