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If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, you’ll know that these people are not cheap. They charge upward from $50 per hour, and usually a lot more. But they also need to make a living and pay for expenses, so it makes sense for them to do so. But factor in that you’ll be seeing a trainer 3 to 5 times a week, and now you’re looking at a minimum of $150 a week, or about $600 per month.

On top of that, when it comes to fitness coaching, chances are you will have to join a gym so that you can be trained. So add on about $60 a month.

NEXT, add in the food program. Some fitness coaches offer some sort of meal plan, but not all. And even so, they don’t really customize it or explain it to you in a way that you can customize it for yourself which might lead you to obtaining a nutritionist.

Nutritionists can also be very expensive. We’re looking at over $200 just to get a meal plan that only covers a few weeks. For good measure, we will call that $200 a month, and I am undercutting that cost by a lot.

To sum it all up, you would be paying $860 per month, or a total of $2580 for an entire 12 weeks of coaching and nutrition.

I don’t know about you, but that’s out of my price range, but is also part of the reason I created SharkFit to begin with. I want you to be the best version of you, feel your healthiest, and to enjoy life while keeping it affordable.

This is why I offer the entire SharkFit program for much less than $2500. If you start today, you will get SharkFit for a fraction of that. We’re talking less than 5% of what I talked about above. Sign up and get instant access for only $97.

This is a low price, I know, but like I said, I want to make this program available to everyone and help as many people as I possibly can, plus you get to keep it forever.

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